Comic Relief is a Charity show run by UK's BBC.

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Comic Relief spends all the money raised through Red Nose Day to help vulnerable, poor and disadvantaged people in the UK and Africa turn their lives around.

2001 Edit

For Comic Relief: Say Pants to Poverty, David and Victoria done an interview with Ali G. Also Emma appears in a spoof segment popsters where she tries to impress the judge but doe not go accordingly to plan.


Emma Bunton participated in Twitrelief in which people bid on her on Ebay in order to meet her. It is the highest bidder that is able to go greet her. Description can be found below:

Get Super-Followed!

I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want is Emma Bunton on a chaise longue, looking FAB'LUSS, maybe singing a song and sucking a lollypop. I don't think that's too much to ask. She was only in the most successful Girl Band ever. Like you don't know who she is. YOU LIE.

The ‘Super-Follow’ means that Emma will do ALL of these things...

1. Follow you on Twitter for 90 days
2. Retweet one of your tweets
3. Send out a tweet including your Twitter @username

And as if that weren’t enough,

4. Ice Ice BABY! That's a MASSIVE clue. Think it through people. What was Emma Bunton's nickname? Anyone? Anyone? Yes - you at the back...CORRECT. She was called Baby Spice. And what show does Emma currently work on? Come on. We did this last week. YES. Dancing on Ice. So what do you think the prize for the highest bidder is? COME ON. Ice Ice Baby. IT'S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. No Ian. The answer is NOT double maths. It's TWO tickets to the Dancing on Ice FINAL, PLUS a meet and greet with Emma.

AND NO PACKING AWAY. The bell is for MY benefit. Not yours. PLUS a giant die used as part of the "Night At Vegas" show on Dancing on Ice signed by pretty much every celebrity and professional skater!!*

SO BID NOW!!! Emma will become your twitter best friend, Comic Relief will spend ALL the money you bid on life-changing projects, and the sun will shine. (That last bit about the sun might not be true).*London based. Travel and accommodation not included. The giant die can be collected from Comic Relief in Vauxhall or couriered at the winner's expense. Please contact therealcomicrelief if you would like to know the cost of postage to your location.

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