Geri Halliwell - Desire - CD 2

Desire is the second single from Geri Halliwell's third studio album "Passion."

The song was written by Henrik Korip, Mattias Wollo, Terry Ronald and Geri Halliwell & produced by Henrik Korpi & Blackcell.

Song CompositionEdit

"Desire" metaphorically describes the persona as a feline with sexual desires.

Chart PerformanceEdit

"Desire" peaked at #22 on the U.K. Singles chart, becoming Geri's lowest-peaking single of her solo career to date.


To help promote the single, Geri performed the song on "Top of the Pops", "Top Gear", "CD:UK", "The Footy Show", "Ministry of Mayhem", "Popworld" and "GMTV."

Music VideoEdit

The music video for "Desire" was directed by Andy Morahan and edited by Claudia Wass.[1]

The video opens with Geri waking up at 7:10 a.m. to the sound of the alarm clock.

After hopping out of bed, she walks to the refrigerator and grabs a bottle of milk (which she drinks suggestively) before leaving for work.

On her way to work, a dog that is being walked by a woman suddenly starts to bark at Geri.

Upon arriving at work, Geri is seen staring flirtatiously at her boss (played by actor Leon Ockenden) who is in his room. She stops by her boss's room to hand him the folders he had previously asked her to take care of & then proceeds to behave provocatively around him.

Right after leaving his room, Geri finds herself fantasising about him, which involves her crawling across his desk and drinking milk from a saucer. She is then seen performing a choreography with other four women dressed as secretaries, intercut with scenes of her making out with her boss in his room.

After waking up from her daydream, Geri notices her boss is leaving and decides to follow him home where she turns into a black cat after entering through his window. The boss takes the cat in and pets it in his bed.

The video ends with Geri stopping her alarm clock at 7:11 a.m. and holding her pillow tight with a pleased look on her face, indicating that she had been dreaming the entire time.