Eliot Kennedy
Occupations Songwriter, producer
Associated acts Spice Girls, Bryan Adams, S Club 7, Five, Delta Goodrem, Lovers Electric, Lulu, Pauline Henry, Dannii Minogue, Kenny Thomas, and Take That
Eliot Kennedy is an English songwriter and record producer based in Sheffield. He has worked with artists such as the Spice Girls and Bryan Adams.


Personal LifeEdit

Eliot began writing songs with his brother at the age of thirteen and started a band at school, but he was interested in composing and studio work more than performing.


He apprenticed as an audio engineer, and after collecting insurance for an automobile accident, he purchased equipment and began working as an engineer on a freelance basis, which eventually led to production work. His first success as a producer was the 1993 hit single "Independence" by Lulu, which led to projects with Pauline Henry, Danni Minogue, Kenny Thomas and Take That.

Spice GirlsEdit

Eliot Kennedy first met the Spice Girls when they first approached to work with him as a producer for them. He agreed to it, so the Spice Girls then travelled over to Sheffield to start doing sessions with him the next day. Kennedy commented about the session:

"None of them played instruments, so I was left to do the music and get that vibe together. What I said to them was, `Look, I've got a chorus - check this out'. Then they were throwing lines at us. Ten minutes later the song was written. Then you go through and refine it. Then later, as you were recording it you might change a few thing here and there. But pretty much it was a real quick process."

Kennedy has contributed songs to a number of film soundtracks, including tracks for Spice Girl's second album Spiceworld.