Spice Girls
Writer(s) Spice Girls, Richard Stannard, Matt Rowe
Feed Your Love is a unreleased song by Spice Girls.


In the following months after they first met and done their first writing sessions with Eliot Kennedy, the group continue to meet with producers, wrote new songs, prepared demos and searched for a new manager. They met again with the writers Stannard and Rowe. They has previously worked with the girls in January 1995 before their departure from Heart Management; that was the group's first professional songwriting session, held at the Strongroom in Curtain Road, East London.

In May 1995, the group was introduced to Paul Wilson and Andy Watkins, the songwriters and production duo known as Absolute, which they were really satisfied and impressed by their song Feed Your Love calling it "dark and cool". This lead to the Spice Girls writing songs with the duo. the group's first professional songwriting session with them, which were also held at the Strongroom in Curtain Road, East London


The Song Leaked Onto The Internet via Youtube as a 40 second snippet on 4th November 2016, 20 years after Spice the album was released.



In a session with Richard Stannard and Matt Rowe they wrote Feed Your Love, a slow, soulful song which was eventually recorded and mastered for the album but not released because it was consider "too rude" and racy for their target audience.

Having completed that one, the girls wanted to write something more uptempo, so they started to write the song that would be the lead of the album: Wannabe.

YouTube VideoEdit

Spice Girls - Feed Your Love (Biffco IG Leaked Clip)-000:41

Spice Girls - Feed Your Love (Biffco IG Leaked Clip)-0

Spice Girls - Feed Your Love (Biffco IG Leaked Clip)


  • Wannabe: How the Spice Girls Reinvented Pop Fame. David Sinclair (2004).

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