Spice Girls
Released 6 November 2000
Length 00:49:28
Producer(s) Richard Stannard, Matt Rowe, Rodney Jerkins, Fred Jerkins III, Harvey Mason, Jr., Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis
Label(s) Virgin Records

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Greatest Hits
Track listing
  1. Holler
  2. Tell Me Why
  3. Let Love Lead The Way
  4. Right Back At Ya
  5. Get Down With Me
  6. Wasting My Time
  7. Weekend Love
  8. Time Goes By
  9. If You Wanna Have Some Fun
  10. Oxygen
  11. Goodbye


Following the departure of Geri, many of the girls' plans were put on hold as well as some being scrapped. They continued work with their current team of song writers and producers until the work could be finalised.

Following these events, R&B songwriters and producers were put into place and the album took a R&B route.



Additional personnelEdit

  • Susan Drake — background vocals
  • Eliot Kennedy — background vocals


  • Producers: Rodney Jerkins, Harvey Mason, Jr., Matt Rowe, Richard Stannard
  • Engineers: Adrian Bushby, Paul Foley, Ben Garrison, Brad Gilderman, Steve Hodge, Ian Robertson, Dave Russell, Tony Salter
  • Assistant engineers: Jake Davies, Bradley Yost
  • Mixing: Ben Garrison, Brad Gilderman, Steve Hodge, Fred Jenkins III, Rodney Jerkins, Jan Kybert, Mark "Spike" Stent, Paul Waller, Bradley Yost
  • Mastering: Bernie Grundman
  • Digital editing: Harvey Mason, Jr.
  • Vocal production assistance: LaShawn Daniels, Susan Drake, Eliot Kennedy
  • Drum programming: Paul Waller
  • String arrangements: Will Malone
  • Design: Vince Frost
  • Photography: Terry Richardson