Girl Power! Live in Istanbul was a series of concerts by British girl group the Spice Girls. The concerts, which were organized by Pepsi as part of the group's sponsorship deal, were performed at the Abdi İpekçi Arena in Istanbul, Turkey on 12 and 13 October 1997.


The show was split up into 5 parts with a costume change at each one. The stage consisted of a ramp leading down to the main stage. There were two staircases at the far right and left of the stage that lead to smaller platform stages. There was a small runway at the centre of the main stage. The band was located at the bottom right and left of the ramp. There was a grid with the letters S-P-I-C-E on the left of the stage. There was also a large screen at the back of the stage that would rise and lower. It was used at the start of show. The Girls would enter the stage as it rose.

The full concert was first aired on January 17, 1998 at 9 p.m. (E.T.) on Showtime Channel in a pay-per-view event.  The broadcast was titled Spice Girls In Concert Wild!

The concert was also aired on Fox Family Channel on Sunday, August 16, 1998 at 6:00 PM.[3] The broadcast was titled Spice Girls—Wild! In Concert and featured trivia before and after commercials and backstage footage in addition to the set list. The show was two hours in length with advertisements and managed to receive a 1.8 Household rating when it aired despite being up against a four hour MTV special and a Spice Girls concert airing the same weekend. All songs from the set list except for "Naked" were aired during the broadcast.


Act 1:

1."If U Can't Dance"

2."Who Do You Think You Are"(Intro contains samples of "Diva" by Club 69)

3."Something Kinda Funny"

4."Saturday Night Divas"

5."Say You'll Be There"

6."Step to Me"

Act 2:

7."Naked"(Intro contains excerpts from the film "Batman Forever")

Act 3:

8."2 Become 1"


10."Too Much"

Act 4:

11."Spice Up Your Life"

12."Love Thing"



14."Move Over"


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