Spice Girls
Director(s) Howard Greenhalgh
Length 4:43
Goodbye is a music video by the Spice Girls.

Spice Girls Goodbye Music Video HQ04:36

Spice Girls Goodbye Music Video HQ

Music videoEdit


It opens with each of the girls in four different black Rolls-Royces, 1950's ZILs (or Packards) and Cadillacs and white wolves running.

They arrive at a castle and walk up the stairs arm-in-arm. When they enter there are frozen couples that the girls observe. The video also shows shots of each girl in a different setting with falling objects and then together as a group. The video ends with the ice melting off the people and they come back to life. Then it shows the shot of the girls entering in reverse to look like they are leaving. Victoria and Melanie B were visibly pregnant in the video.


The video was filmed at Mentmore Towers in Mentmore, Buckinghamshire on 1 and 2 November 1998. The video was directed by Howard Greenhalgh.

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