Spice Girls
Length 3:59
If You Wanna Have Some Fun is a music video by the Spice Girls.

Music videoEdit


If You Wanna Have Some Fun starts with the spaceship from Spice Girls's Spiceworld tour, and then proceeds on to the preparation of the Spiceworld tour set being constructed. Each girls name (minus Geri due to her departure) is then shown blue flashing on to the screen in order: Victoria, Emma, Melanie B and then Melanie C. In between each name is shown each girls in various music videos.

After, clips are shown from numerous clips from music videos such as Wannabe and Holler, One Hour Of Girl Power, Spiceworld tour, Spice Girls in America: A Tour Story and behind-the-scenes footage of various music videos such as Let Love Lead The Way.


The music video is a compilation of clips from previous videos placed together. The music video was intended to promote If You Wanna Have Some Fun as a single but was cancelled. A few European channels have aired the music video as well as this it was placed on the Spice Girls official website, but was taken down when the website was down too.

Spice Girls - If You Wanna Have Some Fun (Official Video)-003:58

Spice Girls - If You Wanna Have Some Fun (Official Video)-0

The extremely rare Music Video for if You Wanna Have Some Fun

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