According to promotional copies of the single Today, L.A. State of Mind was originally titled Hold On, the title of the final track on the album.

Tracklisting Edit

1. Today - 3:16
2. Stay in Bed Days - 4:05
3. Beautiful Girl - 3:47
4. Music of the Night (Perdido) - 3:48
5. If I Had My Life Again - 4:41
6. In Too Deep - 4:00
7. Sweet Pleasure - 3:40
8. L.A. State of Mind - 3:44
9. Say Say Say - 3:54
10. Bad, Bad Girl - 3:25
11. Hold On - 3:51

There was also a limited edition of the album which included a bonus DVD of L.A. State of Mind: The Documentary, which runs at about 30 minutes long.

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