Lianne Morgan
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Background information
Born November 15, 1970 (age 47)
Genre Pop
Labels Lianne Morgan
Associated acts Little Gypsy, Touch, Spice Girls

Lianne Morgan  (born November 15, 1970) is a welsh singer-songwriter, Vocal Coach and Musical Development.



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Lianne Morgan made it to the second set of auditions for Touch which would later be known as The Spice Girls, however she did not make it into the third auditions. She was sent a letter stating that she was to old for the band and that she would be more suited to a solo career, she was subsequently replaced by Melanie C.


At the age of 15, she progressed on to be lead vocalist of Beau's Bohemians, performing at venues such as the Hyde Park Corner Festival.

In 1999, she decided to start working behind the scenes of the music industry and was working in artist development, for a few record labels and for New Deal for Musicians.

In 2002, she formed a company named C.A.M.P. (City Academy of Music & Performance). The company had contracts within the entertainment industry and eduction authority to write, cast and manage original musicals and coach potential cast members. She was part of a Indie group called Little Gypsy, who she came to write numerous songs with. In 2008, she worked with music producer Greg Haver (who previously worked on Mel C's Beautiful Intentions) on recording an album.

Return of the Spice GirlsEdit

In 2007, Lianne reacted to the news that The Spice Girls would be touring as a quintet for the last time by being in an article written by Antonia Hoyle in British's Newspaper Daily Mail, which she recalled parts of being in the auditions for Touch up to being asked to leave. She mentioned the vocals of Touch "sounded like a cat's choir."

Lianne on their reunion:

"I can see why getting back together is a good business decision, but their egos are too big to make it work this time? And I don't understand why they have to show so much flesh."

Lianne on the Spice Girls and their comeback single and best of album:

"I wish the girls the best of luck, but I'm still flabbergasted that they were picked in the first place when they can't sing! It's a total injustice. I'm a better singer than all of them. I don't like their new single, and I haven't bought their latest album."

She recalled the auditions that took place for Touch, the first person she met was Victoria Beckham:

"She was wearing a black, figure hugging dress and looked really, really young and shy. She didn't smile, crossed her legs a lot, had long hair, trowelled on make up and bad skin. Victoria told me she didn't have a great voice and as she started to sing in front of the 70 of us in that studio, I thought: 'Poor girl'."

Lianne on Geri Halliwell:

"We were both loud livewires. She looked fantastic, with huge platform shoes, incredibly tight denim hot-pants, a cropped white T-shirt and no make up. But again, she told me she couldn't sing, and she was right. Her audition song was "Happy Birthday", the one song she knew."

Lianne on Melanie Brown, who was the only one to impress out of the girls, had this to comment on her:

"But she was bossy and controlling and I knew straight away we'd clash and would probably have ended up killing each other."

Lianne on being replaced by Mel C:

"I cried for days. I couldn't understand how I could be too old, when I was the same age as Geri."

Personal LifeEdit

She married Martin, who is the manager of a water company, in 2001, and has two sons, Aled and Jacob. Since being fired from The Spice Girls Lianne was diagnosed with spasmodic dysphonia.


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