Live from Studio Five is an early evening, British magazine programme which is produced by Sky News for Channel 5. The show is presented by Kate Walsh and Jayne Middlemiss.It consists of interviews and discussing topical issues, ranging from daily politics and current affairs, to celebrity gossip.


Live from Studio Five, airs weekdays from 6.25pm to 7.00pm, and features a mix of news, celebrity gossip, interviews, and chat. The show replaced Channel 5's early evening news programme Five News at 7, which the channel had previously announced, would be axed in September 2009.

From July 2010, the show began airing from 6.30pm to 7.30pm, when Don't Stop Believers, a daily bulletin show, from Channel 5's talent show Don't Stop Believing, began occupying the 6.25pm slot.

On 23 August 2010, Live from Studio Five returned to its 6.25pm slot, following the end of the series of Don't Stop Believing. The show now airs from 6.25pm to 7.00pm.


Victoria BeckhamEdit

Many stories on Victoria Beckham were done ranging from Victoria smiling on LG advert, her Twitter followers and her thoughts on David Beckham.

Melanie BrownEdit

It was announced on the October 6, 2010 that Melanie B was to appear the day after. On October 7, 2010, Melanie B was unable to attend, which presenter Kate Walsh made an apology.

Emma BuntonEdit

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