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Say You'll Be There was one of the first songs that the group wrote after they left their former managers Chris and Bob Herbert, on 3 March 1995. The group stole the master recordings of their discography from the management offices in order to ensure they kept control of their own work.

Without access to Herbert's address book, they knew nothing of Kennedy's whereabouts other than he lived in Sheffield. Melanie Brown and Geri Halliwell drove to Sheffield the day after the departure from Heart Management and looked for the first phone book they come across, Eliot was the third Kennedy that they called. That evening they went to his house and persuade him to work with them, the rest of the group traveled to Sheffield the next day.

The next day the group went to Sheffield to meet with producer Eliot Kennedy, a meeting that was arranged by the Herberts before their departure. The group persuaded him to work with them, becoming a productive session. They composed Love Thing and Say You'll Be There, the two tracks would eventually appeared in their debut album Spice.

The group stayed at Kennedy's house for the most part of the week. He named his studio Spice, after the group, because it had never been used before. Together, they composed two songs in the session: Love Thing and Say You'll Be There. Paul Wilson and Andy Watkins — the songwriters and production duo known as Absolute — produced the song and recorded it for the most part at Olympic Studios in Barnes, London. At first, discussions were made about what song the group would release as their second single, originally it was going to be Love Thing, but in the end they decided to change it for Say You'll Be There.

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