Matthew Rowe (born in the year of 1969) is a songwriter and music producer based in London.


Rowe has recorded his first album at the age of 9 in 1978, as a chorister in a cathedral choir, which he has not looked back at since. He had gone on to work with different artists to which some were successes such as Sophie Ellis Bexter and Amy Winehouse.

Spice GirlsEdit

In April 1995, Matt Rowe and Richard Stannard started working with the Spice Girls writing materials with them writing songs such as Feed Your Love (unrealeased song). Then they went on to write other tracks like Wannabe, which Victoria wasn't there, but was part of the writing process via telephone.

Then the Spice Girls proceeded to write other tracks for the album. Rowe commented on the writing process:

"We have to kind of steer it". It was very different for different tracks really. Some of them were when we were all jamming in the room. We'd just put up some drum sounds and start making things up. On other tracks me and Richard would prepare something beforehand and play it to them. We'd have some lyrics and make them write the second verse"


Spice GirlsEdit

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