Something Kinda Funny
If U Can't Dance


The song was co-written by the Spice Girls with Andy Watins and Paul Wilson. The track Last Time Lover, was originally called First Time Lover and was about the loss of virginity, but was discarded and to a song full of provocations, where sex is the main issue. The on to writing three more songs that made it on to the album which were Something Kinda Funny, Last Time Lover and Naked. The songs one of the few to give debut album Spice a R&B to it.

Recording and productionEdit

The was produced by Absolute mostly in the Olympic in Barnes, which were done without the use of autotune as the autotune facility were yet not introduced into the market. The had only slight adjustments made afterwards.

Live In ConcertEdit

The Spice Girls performed Naked during these concerts:

  • Live In Istanbul  
  • Live in Arnhem
  • Live in Lyon
  • Live at Wembley
  • Live in Cleveland

When they performed the song live, The Spice Girls would go behind a wardrobe for a few seconds and emerge behind black chairs and just like song title, they actually performed naked. After they finished they would quickly redress and carry on with the concert. 

Live In IstanbulEdit

Spice Girls live in Istanbul - Naked (Better Quality04:39

Spice Girls live in Istanbul - Naked (Better Quality

Spice Girls live in Istanbul - Naked (Better Quality)

Live in ArnhamEdit

Spice Girls - Naked (Live at Arnhem)-106:57

Spice Girls - Naked (Live at Arnhem)-1

The Spice Girls perform Naked Live in Arnham

Spiceworld TourEdit

Spice Girls - Naked (Live in Lyon)07:01

Spice Girls - Naked (Live in Lyon)

Spice Girls - Naked (Live in Lyon)

Live at WembleyEdit

Spice Girls live in Wembley - Naked Live-006:04

Spice Girls live in Wembley - Naked Live-0

Spice Girls live in Wembley - Naked Live

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