Nelson Mandela & Prince Charles meet the Spice Girls01:53

Nelson Mandela & Prince Charles meet the Spice Girls

Whilst in South Africa, the Spice Girls meet with Nelson Mandela and Prince Charles.


Nelson Mandela met the Spice Girls in 1997.

Spice Girls Meet Nelson Mandela - Star Stories-000:38

Spice Girls Meet Nelson Mandela - Star Stories-0

The Spice Girls meet Shawshank Redemption star Nelson Mandela.

 Nelson Mandela (Born July 18th 1918 and died 5th December 2013) was a South African anti- Apartheid revolutionary, politician and a Global Icon and South Africa's first democratically elected president from 1994 - 1999.

He famously met the Spice Girls along with Prince Charles (The Prince of Wales) in 1997 whilst they were in South Africa. When asked about the Spice Girls, he famously said "They are my Heroes". "One of the greatest moments of my life".

This event was also spoofed on an episode of the Channel 4 Comedy show, "Star Stories".

Upon hearing his death the Spice Girls paid tribute to him.

Emma Bunton wrote on Twitter: "R.I.P Nelson Mandela. What a legacy he has left behind. I had the honour of meeting him and his spirit was unlike any other".

Mel C tweeted: " I always feel strange acknowledging somebody's passing on Twitter but I have to say  Iam honoured to have met the great Nelson Mandela *R.I.P".

Geri Halliwell also tweeted: " Rip Nelson Mandela, it was a absolute honour to meet such an inspiring man, he was amazing, incredibly charming and warm".

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