Let Love Lead The Way
Right Back At Ya
Get Down With Me

The song was written by Eliot Kennedy with Melanie B, Emma and Melanie C. The song was worked on at the Steelworks Studios in Sheffield in mid-August 1999, and the main track to emerge was Right Back At Ya – which was showcased in the Christmas tour and eventually made it onto the third album Forever. The song was worked as a pop song produced by Kennedy.

With a new direction that the third album was taking, many of the tracks already done with Richard Stannard and Matt Rowe were shelved. However, Right Back At Ya was kept but was later heavily remixed by Rodney Jerkins, which insulted original producer Elit Kennedy. They had turned one of the best pop tracks he had ever done and turned it into a "plodding, boring, bottom drawer R&B song", in his opinion.

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