Here's another list of similarities between The Beatles and The Spice Girls.

Music and culteral impactEdit

1. The Spice Girls are the fastest selling British act since the Beatles.

2. The Spice Girls' global impact hadn't been since in pop music since the days of Beatlemania. The band have sold over 80 million records worldwide.

3.  "Scary, Baby, Ginger, Posh and Sporty were the most widely recognised group of individuals since all the Fab Four members.

4. Meant to accompany the album, the comical style and content of the Spice World movie was in the same vein as The Beatles' films in the 1960s such as A Hard Day's Night.

5.  Both of The Beatles and The Spice Girls first 3 singles went straight to number 1.

Paul Mccartney's Daughter Heather.

6. Both groups successfully conquered America and did a world tour.

7. "Wannabe" debuted on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart at number 11, the highest-ever debut by a British band in the US, beating the previous record held by The Beatles for "I Want to Hold Your Hand" and the joint highest entry for a debut act tying with Alanis Morissette.

8. Both of the Beatles and The Spice Girls have recorded at the Legendary Abbey Road Studios in London.

9. Both Bands have their own Record labels.

Beatles - Apple

Melanie C - Red Girl Records.

10. Both bands were massive in America and did a World Tour.

==Beatles Children

Paul Mccartney's Daughter Stella.


Julian Lennon: Born 8th April 1963

Sean Ono Lennon: Born 9th October 1975
Zak Starkey: Born 13th September 1965

Ringo Starr's Son Zak, He's the Who's current Drummer.

Jason Starkey:  Born 19th August 1967
Jamesmccartney 2010886b

Paul Mccartney's Son James.

Dhani Harrison: Born 1th August 1978

Geeorge Harrison's Son Dhani.

James Mccartney: Born 12th September 1977

Stella Mccartney OBE: Born 13th September 1971

Mary Mccartney: Born 28th August 1969

Heather Louise Mccartney : Born December 31, 1962

Beatrice Mccartney: Born  28 October 2003


John Lennon's son Julian.


John Lennon's other Son Sean.

Julian Lennon

Julian Lennon, John Lennon's son.


Paul Mccartney's Daughter Mary.

Jason Starkey

Ringo other son Jason Starkey.

Las1 (30)

Paul Mccartney's Daughter Beatrice.

Spice Girls ChildrenEdit

Beau Bunton: Born 10th August 2007

Tate Bunton: Born 6th May 2011

Bluebell Madonna Halliwell: Born 14th May 2006

Scarlett Starr Chisholm: Born: 22nd February 2009

Brooklyn Beckham: Born: 4th March 1999

Romeo Beckham: Born 1st September 2002

Cruz Beckham: Born 20th February 2005

Harper Seven Beckham: Born 10th July 2011

Phoenix Brown: Born 19th February 1999.

Angel Brown: Born 3rd April 2007

Madison Brown: Born 1st September 2011

Beatles PetsEdit

Paul McCartney had a sheepdog named Martha, which inspired the song Martha My Dear and a cat named Thisbe after A Midsummer Night's Dream (performed by the Beatles in 1964 where John played Thisbe). George Harrison had cats, one was named Corky the other Josstick. John Lennon had several cats Tim, Mimi, Elvis, Salt, Pepper and Pyramus (given to him by Paul, named after Paul's character in A Midsummer Night's Dream), the man loved cats. He also had a dog. Ringo had a poodle at one point and currently has a dog named Buster.

John Lennon's obsession with cats go to Google images type John Lennon's cats into the search bar, then click on the picture of an old lady with a cat (Aunt Mimi) George Harrison obsession with cats go to google images and type George Harrison's cat Corky and click on the picture of George on a table reaching for a cat Paul McCartney's sheepdog obsession go to google images type Paul McCartney's dog Ringo Starr's odd pictures with cows go to google images type Ringo Starr cow I hope all this information is accurate since i have gotten it from several blogs, websites, etc.

Spice Girls PetsEdit

Ginger Spice has three dogs, Harry, William and Daddy.

Baby Spice had a Labrador called Phoebe who went missing and was sadly found dead on a Railway track on 7th February 2013. She now has a King Charles Spaniel Puppy called Toby.

Posh Spice has two Rottweilers. One of them is called Snoop.

Scary Spice also has a dog.

Greatest Hits AlbumsEdit

Both Bands have Greatest hits albums. The Beatles have the Anthology albums and The Spice Girls have Their 2007 Greatest Hits album. Both them contain 2 new songs by each band.

Anthology contains 2 new Beatle songs, "Free As A Bird" & "Real Love".

Spice Girls Greatest Hits contains 2 new Spice Girls songs, Headlines( Friendship Never Ends) & Voodoo.


The Beatles Anthology CDs.

Spice Girls Greatest Hits

Spice Girls Greatest Hits 2007 CD.

Unreleased songsEdit

Both of these great bands have loads of unreleased material.

The Beatles unreleased songs are:

1. Carnival Of Light  -

2. Now And Then -

3. Watching Rainbows -

4. A World Without Love -

5. Everything from The Get Back/Let It Be Sessions.

For Unreleased Spice Girls songs check out the unreleased spice girl song page on this wiki.

Band Members leavingEdit

The Beatles broke up in 1970 and the Spice Girls broke up in 2000.

John Lennon left The Beatles in 1969 because when he married Yoko Ono, she took charge of him and his career and her ideas conflicted with the other Beatles, so John and Yoko went out on their own and John felt it was too conventional, and also had grown apart from Paul's conformity to a more conventional style of writing. Also, he was interested in pursuing art, music, and humanitarian causes with his new wife Yoko. 

No one honestly knows why on earth Geri officially left The Spice Girls on 31st May 1998 but there are conspiricy theories and rumours.

1. Differences between her and The other Spice Girls.

2. Mel b and Geri are rumoured to have had a fight..( i read this article 2 years ago. the article said that at the back of the stage of their "SPICE WORLD' tour, they argue about the dress and who of them will wear).

3. she wanted a solo career ( the continuation i red in that article is that, ginger wants to be a guest on some shows, but the four don't want to make her go... she said on that interview that she is controlled with her band mates).

4. She was Homesick?.

5. Was she was suffering in gastro-enteritis, a disease in stomach?.

6. Did she feel exhausted and wanted to have a break?.

7. at their 'SPICE GIRLS: GIVING YOU EVERYTHING", Geri, on her interview, She comments, 'I just felt like the band had got so big, and the girls were almost like they didn't need me anymore, really. I definitely felt very redundant, like the wheels were turning whether I was there or not.'

8. She was suffering from Bulimia?.

9. She was Missing her Family?.

10 The death of her Father? (Laurence Halliwell, her Father died when she was very young in 1994 from a Heart Attack and it affected Geri, even when she was a Spice Girl).


Sir Paul Mccartney with his Knighthood medal.

Meeting RoyaltyEdit

60415675 queen 3167280

The Beatles at Buckingham Palace in 1965 To collect their MBEs.


The Beatles meet The Queen Mother.

Paul McCartney Diamond Jubilee Concert - June 4 2012-014:57

Paul McCartney Diamond Jubilee Concert - June 4 2012-0

Paul McCartney performing at Buckingham Palace for the Queens Diamond Jubilee.

Meeting Royalty The Spice GirlsEdit


Emma Bunton with The Queen.


The Spice Girls meet Prince Charles.


The Spice Girls meet The Queen at the 1997 Royal Variety performance.

Emma Bunton - Baby Love Live - The Party In The Palace 200202:16

Emma Bunton - Baby Love Live - The Party In The Palace 2002

Emma Bunton - Baby Love Live - The Party In The Palace 2002 (Golden Jubilee)

Madame Tussauds Waxworks BeatlesEdit

Both bands have Madame Tussauds Waxworks

The Beatles wax dummes

The Beatles Madame Tussauds London Waxworks.


The Beatles Abbey Road Waxworks in Madame Tussauds New York.

Article-1199354-05B177D6000005DC-923 306x439

John Lennon 1980 Waxwork in Madame Tussauds Blackpool.

Spice Girls Madame Tussauds WaxworksEdit


The original Spice Girls waxworks at The Rock Circus London. (No Geri sadly).

The spice girls waxwork

Spice Girl Waxworks.

Madame tussauds spice girls

The Spice Girls Waxworks in Madame Tussauds New York.


The Spice Girls waxworks in Madame Tussauds Amsterdam.

5696430969 10a4fc3cb1 z

Geri Halliwell's waxwork in Madame Tussauds Berlin.


Geri with her Madame Tussauds London Waxwork in 2002.


Geri Halliwell Waxwork.


Geri Halliwell Waxwork.

London 2012 OlympicsEdit

Closing Ceremony - John Lennon - Imagine - London 2012 Olympic Games03:17

Closing Ceremony - John Lennon - Imagine - London 2012 Olympic Games

Closing Ceremony - John Lennon - Imagine - London 2012 Olympic Games

HD Paul McCartney 2012 Olympics Hey Jude LONDON GREAT QUALITY! LIVE06:05

HD Paul McCartney 2012 Olympics Hey Jude LONDON GREAT QUALITY! LIVE

[HD] Paul McCartney 2012 Olympics Hey Jude LONDON GREAT QUALITY!_LIVE

Closing Ceremony - Spice Girls - London 2012 Olympic Games Highlights-104:44

Closing Ceremony - Spice Girls - London 2012 Olympic Games Highlights-1

Closing Ceremony - Spice Girls - London 2012 Olympic Games Highlights

Musicals Beatles Let It Be, Backbeat and LOVE.Edit

Let It Be Trailer00:31

Let It Be Trailer

Let It Be Trailer

The Birth of the Beatles-001:16

The Birth of the Beatles-0

The Birth of the Beatles trailer

The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil Trailer01:04

The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil Trailer

The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil Trailer

Viva Forever The MusicalEdit

Viva Forever West End Show Trailer02:59

Viva Forever West End Show Trailer

Viva Forever West End Show Trailer

Original Band  members - BeatlesEdit

Both bands had original members who either left or were replaced.

The Beatles original Drummer was a guy called Pete Best. In 1962 he was mysteriously sacked and replaced of course by Ringo Starr.

220px-Pete Best2005

Pete Best the Beatles original Drummer.


Stuart Sutcliffe.

The Beatles original Bass Guitarist was Stuart Sutcliffe. He was John Lennon's Best friend from Art College and both he and John came up with the Beatles names. He was also a talented artist. In 1961 he left the Beatles to focus on his painting. Stu sadly died at the age of 21 from a Brain Tumour in April 1962.

Original Band Members - Spice GirlsEdit

See The Michelle Stephenson, Lianne Morgan and Abigail Kris and Touch Wikia Pages.

Record LabelsEdit


Beatles Apple Corps Logo.


Melanie C Red Girl Records Logo.

Spice Girls at Abbey Road Studios in LondonEdit


The Spice Girls at Abbey Road Studios London. Possibly 2000 when recording theForever Album.

Tumblr m9cy3kZt5p1r1uqsko1 500

Geri Halliwell at Abbey Road Studios London.

2598368715 621dfc4c34 z

Abbey Road Studios.

The Beatles at Abbey Road StudiosEdit

Abbey Road Beatles version

The famous Beatles Abbey Road Album Photo.


Inside Abbey Road Studios.

607px-Abbey Road Studios Wall

Abbey Road Graffitied wall.

800px-Abbey Road Zebra

The famous Abbey Road Zebra Crossing.


The Beatles at Abbey Road 1969.


Abbey Road Studio 2 Control Room.

EMI tape recorder used at Abbey Road Studio (1)

Abbey Road 1960s tape recorder.

Band Reunions The BeatlesEdit

In 1994, (15 years after John Lennon was murdered and 25 years since they broke up), the three remaining members of the Beatles officially announced that they would be reuniting for an Anthology Documentary and album. This was also the last time they ever recorded with George before his death in 2001.

It's strange how at the same time in 1994, The Spice Girls Touch Era had just started.

John also talked about a Reunion in 1975, five years before his own death.

Listen to John's Lennon's own words on a Beatles reunion! 1975!03:38

Listen to John's Lennon's own words on a Beatles reunion! 1975!

Listen to John's Lennon's own words on a Beatles reunion! 1975!

Beatles Reunion in 1994!03:49

Beatles Reunion in 1994!

Beatles Reunion in 1994!

Band Reunion Spice GirlsEdit

In 2007, (ten years since Spice World and Spice Word the Movie), the Spice Girls officially returned for a Greatest Hits Album and a Return Of The Spice Girls Tour also Geri returned permanently to the group.

This article also mentions another possible 2015 Spice Girls reunion. But sadly without Victoria Beckham.

Spice Girls Reunion - Full Press Conference (part 1)-009:15

Spice Girls Reunion - Full Press Conference (part 1)-0

Spice Girls Reunion - Full Press Conference (part 1) 28th June 2007 - Reunion Day.

Spice Girls Headlines Friendship Never Ends Live @ Children In Need 2007-003:44

Spice Girls Headlines Friendship Never Ends Live @ Children In Need 2007-0

Spice Girls Reunion (Headlines Friendship Never Ends) Live @ Children In Need 2007

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