180px-Simone Rainford Screencapture
Simone Claire Rainford, born in Greenwich (born 20 April, 1975 - died 25 May, 2013), was a British female R&B singer and one of the members of All Saints In 1993, Rainford started the band with Shaznay Lewis and Melanie Blatt, and was the lead singer of the first single "Silver Shadow".

The band recorded 3 singles together. However, these early singles weren't successful. The musical views of Rainford on one hand and Shaznay and Melanie on the other hand were an increasing source of tension for the band.

In the summer of 1995, Rainford left the band and after Rainford departured, ZZT Records dropped the remaining duo from their label. After many years, they re-emerged as All Saints.

Rainford moved to South Africa during the early 2000s. Rainford had a mixed race background, with a mother who was white and a father who was black, and a sister with a career as an international model.

On 25th May 2013, Simone Rainford died of kidney cancer, one month and five days after her 38th birthday.

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