Spice Girls
Length 00:04:02
Writer(s) Paul Wilson
Andy Watkins
Spice Girls
Producer(s) Absolute
from the album Spice
Track listing
  1. Wannabe
  2. Say You'll Be There
  3. 2 Become 1
  4. Love Thing
  5. Last Time Lover
  6. Mama
  7. Who Do You Think You Are
  8. Something Kinda Funny
  9. Naked
  10. If U Can't Dance
Something Kinda Funny is a song by the Spice Girls. Something Kinda Funny is the eighth track from Spice Girls' debut album Spice.


After a rocky start between the Spice Girls and Absolute, they begun to work on other tracks for the album after finishing writing Who Do You Think You Are.

Absolute told Simon Fuller about the group they had worked with and asked whether he would consider managing them. Fuller received a demo of Something Kinda Funny, one of the songs the group wrote with Absolute, which eventually got Fuller the girls to sign on to Virgin Records.


Just as tough Too much of nothing is just as tough, I need to know the way to feel to keep me satisfied

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