Music and styleEdit

Spice is basically a pop album with a diverse inclusion of musical styles such as dance, R&B, hip hop, soul, rap and funk, which lead some reviewers to called it a pop collection. The lead single, Wannabe is an uptempo pop song with a touch of white hip–hop, rap and dance music. Two of the three ballads of the album: 2 Become 1 and Mama are co–written and produced by Stannard and Rowe, and both feature the use of keyboards, guitars, string arrangements and backing vocals.

Production duo Absolute incorporated a mix of pop and R&B in Say You'll Be There, which includes an harmonica solo, played by Judd Lander, who also played the harmonica on Culture Club's Karma Chameleon. The other songs produced by Absolute features different music genres: Naked and Something Kinda Funny" includes pop elements with influences of soul music and funk respectively. Who Do You Think You Are is very influenced by the early 90s europop, and incorporate a disco–style beat that resembles the music of the late 70s. If U Can't Dance, another heavily dance–oriented song, features a rap section performed by Halliwell in Spanish and contains a sample of the Digital Underground's song The Humpty Dance.


The main concept of the album centred around the idea of Girl Power, embodying a feminist image, as both Madonna and Bananarama had employed before. Every track of the album deals with different aspects of this philosophy: The lead single Wannabe makes demands of sincerity and is a feminist message of choosing friends over relationships, Say You'll Be There motivates girls to stand up for themselves as individuals; while the focus of Love Thing is the symbolic expression of unity as a group, Something Kinda Funny deals with the identification of goals in life and Last Time Lover encourage the use of sexual charm as a weapon to be deployed along with any other skills that would help to get a result.


# Title Length
1. Wannabe   2:52
2. Say You'll Be There   3:56
3. 2 Become 1   4:00
4. Love Thing   3:37
5. Last Time Lover   4:11
6. Mama   5:03
7. Who Do You Think You Are   3:59
8. Something Kinda Funny   4:02
9. Naked   4:26
10. If U Can't Dance   3:50
Colombia, Mexico, South Africa, Latin America and special re-edition in Spain
# Title Length
11. Seremos Uno Los Dos   4:00

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