Which of these Spice Girls albums is your most favourite?

Spice: 23 Spiceworld: 25 Forever: 9 Greatest Hits: 16 All of them!: 19

October, September & DecemberEdit

How much are you enjoying Mel B: It's A Scary World so far?

Not Scary at all: 0 Not as Scary as I thought it would be: 2 Pretty Scary...: 3 It's Scary: 6 It's A Scary World!: 24



Have you set your New Year's Resolution?

  • Yes, going to make a difference!: 3
  • Not yet, finding it real tough to think of one: 1o, not a big fan of Mel C's music.
  • No, I never stick to them anyway: 1


Excited for Melanie C's new album out in Autumn?

  • Yes, highly anticipating it: 2
  • A little bit, going to wait for the album to make judgement: 0
  • No, not a big fan of Mel C's music: 0

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