Spice Girls
Spice Girls
Length 3:48
Writer(s) Spice Girls
Producer(s) Absolute
Spice Invaders is a song by the Spice Girls.

Spice Invaders - Spice up your life B-Side03:40

Spice Invaders - Spice up your life B-Side

Spice Invaders - Spice up your life B-Side


Spice Up Your Life was already finished and ready to be released, but nothing was recorded for the B-side. Every other song available had been used in the Spice album, and the group needed a new track for their next single. A session with Paul Wilson and Andy Watkins—the songwriters and production duo known as Absolute—was booked. Because of the limited time and the scarse creative inspiration at that point, Virgin told the duo to make anything they like.

The duo created Spice Invaders by placing four microphones and telling the group to just talk about anything they wanted, the conversation was recorded and as Wilson described it, a "hideous bubblegum" backing track was added behind the voices. After the group left, Watkins and the mix engineer finished the track during the night.

Spice Invaders is on the UK CD1, Australian CD1, Japanese CD, South African CD, Taiwanese CD1, US CD and European CD single of Spice Up Your Life.


Ah...Relax your mind
The spicy girls are here on the planet earth
Are you too spicy? Yes! (whistling)

This song is full of valid information, information like
(ring) never wee with your knickers on
Hold, hold (ring) a minute, that's my phone!(ring)
Hello? Hello, um, about... I can't believe my... ah...
It's um, it's a mad woman. Get lost!

Melanie's always on the phone
I'm not always on the phone!
I used to be always on the phone
But now I'm not cause I've got ear rot
And she's always late
No I'm not, it's my driver, he drives slow

I like this bit (whistling)
I've never been any good at whistling
You can hum then, not whistle (whistling)
Uh, na? eh ha

[Emma & Victoria:] (humming)
Where's Geri and Mel at this point?
I think they're asleep.
I thought it was a bit quiet
No, Geri's writin' a poem under a tree somewhere
No she's hugging that tree, hug that tree, Geri!
You'd never guess what, you'd never believe this
Alright listen to this

Oh... what is it, Geri? Ooh... what is it?
Listen, listen, listen
What is it? What is it?
Friendship often survives the relationship
From which it was neglected
What? Ignoring your conscience allows you to justify everything!
Don't you agree?
Geri, is you readin' that out of a book?
Yeah, ha ha [Emma & Victoria:] (humming)

[Geri & Mel C]: (ba, ba, bam)
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la ahh!
That's what you got to do when you get really stressed
You just go ahh! (clapping) (laughing)

I should be over there eatin' my sweets, I think
You're so cute. Ginger! You're just so cute
Alright Ginge, how's your... beep!
No, it's Ginger like Ginger Rogers. It's not like 'ginge'
Well, there's nothing wrong with being ginger
There is nothing wrong. I'm out of a bottle anyway
[Mel C & Geri:] Ha ha ha

(humming) Baby, Posh and Ginger
And we've got Scary and Sporty, yeah! [Emma & Victoria:] (humming)
[Mel B & Geri:] Mixed together in a cooking pot
You have the Spice Girls!
[Emma, Victoria & Mel B:] (humming)
Ba, ba, blah

[Emma & Victoria:] (humming)
I want that Indian bit to come again. Where is it?
Ah... we are the chosen ones...
[Emma & Victoria:] (humming)
It didn't last very long, did it?

[Geri & Mel C:] (ba, ba, ba) (scatting)
[Geri & Mel C:] (ba, ba, ba) (scatting)
[Geri & Mel C:] (ba, ba, ba)
Lift your knee up, tap it to the left
Gonna lift your knee up, tap it to the left
[Geri & Mel C:] (ba, ba, ba)
That could be a new dance
[Geri & Mel C:] (ba, ba, ba)

[Emma & Victoria:] (humming)
[Geri & Mel C:] (ba, ba, bam)
Ha, ha, we don't wanna get in trouble now do we?
Come on now, no
No, I don't know what you mean by that
Though I, you know we're not trying to be offensive

[Geri & Mel C:] (ba, ba, bam)
[Emma & Victoria:] (humming)
Exactly, exactly, exactly
I quite like that
Yeah, I do too

Credits and personnelEdit

  • Spice Girls - vocals, lyrics
  • Absolute - producer, composer.
  • Mark "Spike" Stent –audio mixing

Published by Windswept Pacific Music Ltd

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