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Spice Up Your Life is a Pop/Latin song by the Spice Girls. Spice Up Your Life is the first track of their second album Spiceworld and their compilation album Greatest Hits.


In June 1997, the group began filming scenes for their movie Spice World. At the same time, Virgin Records started the first marketing meetings for the Spiceworld album's promotional campaign, set to be released in November. No song of the album had been written at this point, so the group had to do the all the song-writing and recording at the same time as they were filming the movie. Between takes and at the end of each filming day, the group usually went straight into a mobile recording studio set up in a Winnebago, which followed them between film sets.he schedule was physically ardous with logistical difficulties, as Melanie Brown commented on her autobiography:

"Doing the two full-time jobs at the same time took its toll and within a couple on weeks, exhaustion set in."

This song is considered to be their second signature song along with Wannabe.

Credits and personnelEdit

  • Spice Girls – lyrics, vocals
  • Matt Rowe – lyrics, producer, keyboards and programming
  • Richard Stannard – lyrics, producer
  • Adrian Bushby – recording engineer
  • Mark "Spike" Stent – audio mixing
  • Paul "P. Dub" Walton – assistant
  • Pete Davis – additional programming
  • Jake Davies – additional engineering

Published by Windswept Pacific Music Ltd/PolyGram Music Publishing Ltd