Spice Up Your Life

Music and lyricsEdit

Spice Up Your Life is an uptempo dance-pop song also known as the first track of the Spice Girls to further their sound, from bubblegum pop to a Latin-influenced rhythm with. It is written in the key of F minor, with a time signature set on common time, and moves at a fast tempo of 126 beats per minute. The song is also known for the girls having a single-line solo in the third verse, whereas the rest of the track is sung by all five of them (however, Colours of the world...Every boy and every girl...People of the world is sung by Mel B alone and If you're having a good time...If you know how to feel fine is sung by Melanie C alone).

The song is constructed in a verse-pre-chorus-chorus form, with a bridge before the third and fourth chorus, and uses a simple chord progression of Fm–C7. It opens with an introduction, which consists of the repeated use of the word la. The first verse follows, the lyrics are an international rally cry, targeted to a global market, as Melanie Chisholm described it: "We always wanted to do a carnival tune and write a song for the world." After the first verse, the group sings the pre-chorus and the chorus. The same pattern occurs, leading to the second chorus. A spoken bridge, in which the girls mention different dance styles,—flamenco, lambada, hip-hop, foxtrot, polka and salsa—precedes the third chorus. The group closes the song repeating the chorus for a fourth time.


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