Spice World
Spice Coverart
Cover art
Developer(s) Psygnosis
Publisher(s) Psygnosis
Platform(s) PlayStation
Mode(s) Single-player

Spice World is a video game created by Psygnosis for Sony PlayStation released in July 1998.


With tracks like Wannabe, Who Do You Think You Are, Move Over, Spice Up Your Life, and Say You'll Be There, each animated Spice Girl will offer a few comments as they tour the game's stages, experiencing a DJ and dance instructor that speak in stereotypical fashions. There are eleven dance moves, each one a different combination of four buttons, two of which are always the "X" button. The game also contains a dozen interviews along with other entertaining moments, such as Geri Halliwell pinching Prince Charles' bottom, and the girls wreaking havoc on a Japanese talk-show.

In the game, players have to prepare the Spice Girls for a live television concert by doing such things as teaching them the dance steps they must do for the performance, choosing the song they will perform, and the sequence in which the song's lyrics will be sung. When it's time for the show to happen, the player gets to be a camera-person, deciding which camera shots will go and the angle from which the girls will be seen. The player gets to watch the girls "sing" and dance as the player has directed them to, with the camera shots selected by the player. The player is instructed by a disco king on what to do.The Spice Girls lent their voices to their characters in the game. **Singing in tune is optional**


  • Mixing Room
  • Dance Practice
  • Dance Record
  • Television Studio
  • Spice Network
  • Options


Criticisms and receptionEdit

 Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
NowGamer 2.5/10
The New York Times Unfavourable
IGN 2.0/10
Electronic Gaming Monthly 2.3/10
Gamespot 2.3/10
The game received largely negative reviews.

J. C. Herz from The New York Times (July 9, 1998) gave a negative review: Herz said "The music is derivative and shallow. The game didn't have to be."

NowGamer gave a negative review: NowGamer commented on the gameplay and stated how "piecing the fragments" of a whole song together creates a "horrible mish-mash, which sounds totally disjointed and grates like hell, sadly." Then giving a overall conclusion that:

"Spice World is the most short-lived, unenjoyable, cobbled-together, disappointing non-event ever to hit the PlayStation. Still, it might be a collector’s item soon!"

Games Scores were given by NowGamer as follow:

  • Graphics: 2.3/10
  • Sound: 1.0/10
  • Gameplay: 0.7/0
  • Longevity 2.7/10

Randy Olson of IGN (August 24, 1998) gave a negative review: Olson first talks about the concept of the game being "to take a member of the group (Geri is still amongst their ranks) from mixing room to video shoot" and then proceeding on to say that it may "sound like fun" but called it "slow, uninspired, and unrewarding in execution." Olson then went on to call the gameplay "tedious process that relies more on rote memorization than gameplaying skills, and ultimately proves the same no matter which girl you select". He concluded that the game should be considered as a "definite rent-only".


Cheat CodesEdit

Spiffy New Dance MovesEdit

Want some new dance moves? Go to the globe menu and while pressing and holding START, press Square, Triangle, Circle, and Triangle. Enter the dance studio and boogie!.

Naked SpiceEdit

Spiceworld ps1 naked spice cheat

First, enter the first part of the "Hidden Messages" code as described. Next, press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + SELECT + START simultaneously to reset the game. You'll get an alternate title screen that shows the Spice Girls naked! (Except for those darned chairs.)

Special Hand ClapEdit

Press 🔺🔴🔴⬛⬇⬇➡➡⬅⬆ and watch each girl squat, poop on their hand and then clap like a fat kid in a sweet shop.

For an extra "special" experience press ➡➡➡⬆⬅⬇⬇⬇🔺🔴⬛➡➡⬆⬆⬇⬅⬅ and watch each girl poop on each others hands and clap.


Spice Girls Naked? PS1 cheat code02:07

Spice Girls Naked? PS1 cheat code

Spice Girls Naked PS1 cheat code

New Title ScreenEdit

At the global screen hold START and press Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle. Release START and press L1, L1, R1, R2 and SELECT.

Giant SpiceEdit

At the menu screen where your character walks across the globe hol the START button and press circle, square, circle, square. Your code will appear on the screen to confirm it and your character will be blown up to giant size.

Hidden MessagesEdit

At the screen where your character walks across the globe, hold the START button and press Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle.

You'll see the code on the screen to confirm. Now hold START+SELECT and press Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle. Also try Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle and Square, Square, Square, Square.

Handbag CodeEdit

At the "globe" menu, hold the START button and press Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle. With that code on the screen, enter the television studio with your "act" prepared. Instead of standing in a line, the Girls will be crowded around a pile of handbags on the floor. Betcha' can't guess which handbag belongs to who.

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