Critical responsesEdit

David Browne from Entertainment Weekly gave a positive review: Browne said in the review, "Anyone with a brain can see that Spiceworld is superficiality incarnate. But anyone with a heart will also see that it's very goofiness, its very crassness, makes it not only a better album than Spice, but the true essence d'Spice experience." As well as saying the album was better than their first album Spice, as Spiceworld "reflected the Girls image and personae" by "having dint of better songs, the Girls' stronger vocal personalities, and the insolence of the whole package itself." He gave an overall grading of B+.

Stephen Thomas Erlewine from Allmusic gave a positive review: Erlewine said "Spiceworld is a better record than its predecessor, boasting a more consistent (and catchier) set of songs and an intoxicating sense of fun." And then adding "Spiceworld consolidates and expands the group's style".

Chart performanceEdit

United States Both their debut album Spice and their second album Spiceworld have both charted at the same time making them the first British band since The Beatles to have two albums in the charts.

Worldwide It has sold 20 million copies worldwide.

Certifications, peaks and salesEdit

Charts Peak
Certification Sales/shipments
Argentina 1 2× Platinum 80,000
Australia 2 6× Platinum 420,000
Austria 1 Platinum 50,000
Belgium 1 2× Platinum 1,400,000
Brazil 1 Platinum 1,400,000
Chile 1 2× Platinum 110,000
Canada 1 10× Platinum (Diamond) 1 million
Europe 1 5× Platinum 5 million
Finland 1 2× Platinum 92,178
France 2 2× Platinum 630,000
Germany 4 Platinum 500,000
Hong Kong 1 Platinum 15,000
Japan 1 2× Platinum 650,000
Mexico 8 Gold 100,000
Netherlands 1 Platinum 100,000
New Zealand 1 3× Platinum 45,000
Norway 1 Platinum 54,000
Poland 1 2× Platinum 80,000
Spain 1 3× Platinum 275,000
Sweden 3 2× Platinum 120,000
Switzerland 2 2× Platinum 100,000
Italy 2 5× Platinum 500,000
United Kingdom 1 5× Platinum 1,976,709
United States 3 (3 weeks) 4× Platinum 4,400,000

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