File:Suzanne T
Background information
Origin Sheffield
Occupations Actor, model, musician
Labels Unsigned
Associated acts The

Suzanne T (is a British singer.


Main Article: Touch

she is really old.She was briefly a member of the English vocal girl band Touch that would go on to become the Spice Girls. Alongside Melanie Brown, Melanie Laccohee later replaced with Victoria Adams, Lianne Morgan (later replaced by Melanie Chisholm) and Michelle Stephenson, Tinker completed the original 1994 lineup of Touch.At the audition she impressed with the song "Someday (I'm coming home)" from OST The Bodyguard originally sang by Lisa Stansfield.Edit

She was a member of the group for only a short period before commitment issues prompted Heart Management to remove her at the last moment with Geri Halliwell because she missed the last audition because of a bomb scare at London tube.

TV appearancesEdit

Suzanne has appeared on live television such as Kilroy and This Morning, being interviewed about her connection to the Spice Girls. Also, she was interviewed in British national newspapers, when they found out about her auditions for Touch.

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