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The X-Factor (2006 – present) is a reality television series broadcasted in the UK on ITV.

Emma BuntonEdit

During season five of the X-Factor, Emma was a guest juge for Danni Minogue during the "judge houses" stage of the show. She helped Minogue with making joint decisions of seeing through which contestants would make it into the live shows.

Melanie BrownEdit

Many rumours had surfaced in 2008 that Melanie Brown and numerous others was considered to replace Sharon Osbourne on The X-Factor, but Sharon Osbourne was subsequently replaced by Cheryl Cole.

In 2009 - 2010, more rumours cropped up about the full replacement of Dannii Minogue on The X-Factor judging panel, which were later on denied by Dannii Minogue and stated that she will be returning to The X-Factor after she had given birth to her baby. So new speculations surfaced after that seeing replacements for her for the time being. Some of the speculations that had risen were that Dannii Minogue's sister Kylie Minogue and Spice Girls's member Melanie Brown or Victoria Beckham and would replace her on the judging panel for the auditions stage of the show. An insider had put aside any rumours of Victoria Beckham replacing Dannii Minogue:

"That is utter rubbish. Simon [Cowell] has not spoken to Victoria at all."

Dannii Minogue's fellow judging panelist Louis Walsh has added on to the uncertainty of the guest appearance of Melanie Brown by saying on Radio 1's Chris Moyles, "I heard Mel B was doing it."He had also backed Melanie Brown to be part of the judging panel as well as praising her:

"Mel would be my first choice, without doubt. I've always championed her both professionally and personally as I know she'd be fantastic - really opinionated and gobby."

Moreover he had stated that Melanie B already met up with the show's producers as well as saying how she would be a great addition to the show:

"She would be just as good as Cheryl Cole as a judge, if not better."

Melanie Brown had also commented:

"I can't really talk about that because I don't think it's my place to, but I'm sure some announcement's going to happen at some point and then we'll all know!’

Geri HalliwellEdit

In May 2010, it was revealed that Geri Halliwell would be one of the replacement judges for Danii Minogue as she takes maternity leave, instead of Melanie Brown. Danii Minogue had expressed her support for Geri on her Twitter:

"Go Geri! Give 'em some 'spice' at the @TheXFactor auditions in Glasgow today. Good luck to everyone who's auditioning."

On Wednesday 9, June, the auditions started in Glasgow, Scotland, which all four including Geri attended. It didn't go well for her as she was booed and taunted by the audience for making harsh comments, which prompted them to shout out "bring back Danii!", which caused her to storm off stage followed by Simon Cowell backstage. The other judges, Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh, were taken aback by the comments made.

"It all started off well for Geri and then she blew it. She was quite mean. Even the other judges were a bit taken aback by some of her comments. She even outdid Simon Cowell. Some people were saying, 'Thank God she's only a stand-in'." - insider telling British Newspaper Daily Star

The episode is to air on August 21, 2010. It was revealed in British's The Sun newspaper that she enjoyed getting the "boos":

"I can't believe I am getting booed. I am the villain! It is addictive being booed. "I am learning to like it. It is a really nice sensation. I am more unpopular than Simon Cowell. He is just a bit sore. Deep down he is annoyed I nicked his boos."

The X-Factor presenter Dermot O'Leary commented on her as a judge:

"She got booed because she said 'No' to a couple of people and stood her ground. She's great. She's tough."

And X-Factor judge who has previously worked with her on Popstars: The Rivals commented too:

"Working with them was great. Geri Halliwell was very professional and it was great to be back on a panel with her after our days on Popstars The Rivals."

At the 2012 Liverpool Auditions Geri returned once again as a Guest judge alongside Louis Walsh, Tulisa and Gary Barlow. Geri and Gary had a fierce quarrel and arguments about their bands e.g. solo sucess and which members could/couldn't sing.