Top of the Pops (1964-2006), also known as TOTP, is a Britishmusic chart television programme, made and broadcasted on and by the BBC.

Top of the PopsEdit

Live performancesEdit

1996 Wannabe was performed twice during this year.

The Final CountdownEdit

On 20 June 2006, the show was formally cancelled and it was announced that the last edition would be broadcast on 30 July 2006. The Spice Girls were featured as a archive footage.


  • Me Plus One by Anne Lilia Berge Strand or more commonly Annie. This songs charts the rise and fall of former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell and her obsession with fame. "The fun won't start 'till she's living it up, feeling good on Top Of The Pops". The track was written by British producer Richard X after Halliwell locked herself in his car in an attempt to persuade Richard to let her record a track called Some Girls, a hit later given to former S Club 7 singer Rachel Stevens.
  • The opening scene for the Spice Girls's movie Spice World shows the group recording a performance of their song Too Much for Top Of The Pops.