Hello everyone! Time for an update!

Right, first things first progress is being made as quick as possible and thanks from the help of the Wikia staff, we are able to enjoy the newly implemented Wiki Leaderboard!

Things are going to hit a stride as this Wiki is going to take a new turn:

  • I'm still working a new skin for the Wiki which is proving disastrous, and anyone is free to help out!
  • Discography and videography of each member of the Spice Girls will be added
  • Working on solo work and non-musical activities will be documented about each of the girls including interviews and live performances
  • More need to be added on their personalities and a page is already done on Ginger Spice
  • Re-organisation of information and proofreading some information will be need to make this Wiki in check and keep it top-notch
  • Finally, the discography and videography are to expand to full fruition!

Big thanks to FallenIdentity who made loads of contributions to the Wiki (seriously a lot) with her diligence and dexterity in helping shape the Wiki!

Now thanks for reading and hope you stick around and enjoy the new Wiki Leaderboard!

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