Victoria And David's Wedding
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Vital statistics
Participants 350 guests invite
Date July 4, 1999
Location Bishop of Cork, William Paul Colton, at Luttrellstown Castle, Ireland
Victoria and David Beckham's wedding happened on July 4, 1999.

Posh and BecksEdit

The name of Brooklyn was given as it was the New York borough in which Victoria found out that she was pregnant. Becoming Beckhams Victoria and David were married on July 4, 1999, at Bishop of Cork, William Paul Colton, at Luttrellstown Castle, Ireland, with the whole wedding costing at £424,000 ($800,000) inviting 236 guests. An exclusive coverage was sold to British Tabloid OK! at £980,000 ($1.5 Million).

Victoria dresses in a one-of-a-kind dress designed by Vera Wang and wearing a crown upon her head. Both Victoria and David were mounted on gold-plated, red-velvet thrones, while their four-year-old son Brooklyn acted as their ring bearer. After giving birth to Brooklyn just after four months, she fits into her corset at 18-inches, raising some issues and worries from the media. David also gave gifts of the same kind of roses that he sent to her since the very first day they met

Among the guests were Spice Girls PR boss Alan Edwards was left angry when the £5,000 painting he gave as a wedding present got smashed on its flight to Dublin. Unfortunately, Geri Halliwell was not able to attend the wedding, as it was claimed that she was not invited which were later denied by Victoria later on.

The wedding was to end at 1 A.M. (GMT) with a finale of firework displays with Brooklyn fast asleep.

After, the Beckhams went to a paradise isle of Bora Bora in the Indian Ocean for their honeymoon.

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