Victoria Beckham
Released 1 October 2001
Length 45:55
Label(s) Virgin Records
Victoria Beckham


Open Your Eyes
Victoria Beckham is a album by Victoria Beckham.


The last member of the Spice Girls to release a solo album, Beckham co-wrote 11 of the 12 album tracks.

The album did not include the hit Out of Your Mind , but spawned two singles which managed to land in the Top 10 in the United Kingdom, Not Such An Innocent Girl and A Mind Of Its Own. The album debuted and peaked at number-ten in UK album chart, charting for 3 weeks and selling 16,000 copies sold in its first week. The album has sold 52,016 copies overall in the United Kingdom. After Being Victoria Beckham, an official documentary that aired in early March 2002, the album re-entered the UK charts at number sixty-seven.

Track listingEdit

# Title Length
1. Not Such An Innocent Girl   3:17
2. A Mind Of Its Own   3:48
3. That Kind Of Girl   3:48
4. Like That   4:01
5. Girlfriend   3:43
6. Midnight Fantasy   3:15
7. I.O.U.   3:49
8. No Trix, No Games   3:03
9. I Wish   4:10
10. Watcha Talkin' Bout   3:51
11. Unconditional Love   3:50
12. Every Part Of Me   5:11

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