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Viva Forever is a song by the Spice Girls.


For the single, see Viva Forever (single) and for the music video, see Viva Forever (music video).

Viva Forever is the ninth track from Spice Girls' second album Spiceworld and their compilations album Greatest Hits.

Viva Forever (Finnish Version) / Elakoon Ikuisesti (ASCAP Title Code: 050048858) Credited to Richard Stannard, Matthew Rowe, and all five Spice Girls. Published by Universal Polygram International. According to the ASCAP website, a Finnish language version of Viva Forever has been written, and is credited to "Siscott" as the performer, yet it is unknown if a recording of this has been released.

Viva Forever was the Girl's eighth single (released on July 20th, 1998) and seventh single to make it to #1, staying there for two weeks in a row, selling a total of 627,600 copies.

Credits and personnelEdit

  • Lead vocals: Emma Bunton, Melanie C, Melanie B, Geri Halliwell and Victoria Adams
  • Producer: Richard Stannard, Matt Rowe
  • Audio mixing: Mark Stent
  • Recording engineer: Adrian Bushby
  • Assistant: Paul Walton
  • Keyboards, programming: Matt Rowe
  • Additional programming: Pete Davis
  • Additional engineering: Jake Davies
  • Acoustic guitar: John Themis
  • String arrangement: Anne Dudley

Published by Windswept Pacific Music Ltd/Polygram Music Publishing Ltd.