Spice Girls
Director(s) Gregg Masuak
Length 3:43
Who Do You Think You Are is a music video by the Spice Girls.

Spice Girls - Who do you think you are (Comic Relief Video Version)-007:11

Spice Girls - Who do you think you are (Comic Relief Video Version)-0

Music videoEdit



Two different versions of the music video exist. Both feature the Spice Girls singing and dancing solo in front of various colourful backgrounds, while other scenes show them performing in front of an energetic crowd. In addition, there are many background performers doing unusual tricks.

Comic reliefEdit

The second version (known as the Sugar Lumps version) adds the "Sugar Lumps" (a satirical version of the Spice Girls played by Kathy Burke, Lulu, Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders and Llewella Gideon) dancing and lip-syncing behind the actual Spice Girls. French, Saunders and Burke had previously contributed to a Comic Relief single, performing as Lananeeneenoonoo alongside Bananarama for a cover of Help! released in 1989.


The music video was directed by Gregg Masuak.

Part of the second version is featured in the One Hour of Girl Power VHS.

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