Who Do You Think You Are
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They said they wanted to do something up and a bit of fun, so we just off the top of our heads started to come up with a full-on disco backing track which became Who Do You Think You Are.

Every previous time we'd met up with the girls we had prepared a backing track. This time we have nothing.

The songwriting session—held at Absolute's studio located on Tagg's Island near Chertsey—did not seem to go well at the beginning, as the duo was heavily into R&B music at the time, while the group according to Wilson felt "When they started to sing it was never quite right: from our point of view. It was very poptastic". Wilson recalls "After two sessions we phoned our managers and said `This just ain't happening´". At this point, the duo heard Wannabe for the first time, Wilson remembers:

"We listen to it, and we didn't get it at all. It was so different to what we were doing. We thought, 'How's this gonna work? We're not the right people to be doing this band.'"

For the next session the group wanted to write something uptempo and a bit more fun. This session was a make or break for the relationship as they felt they weren't connecting. A full-on disco backing track came up, and Who Do You Think You Are evolved from there. Wilson commented about that session:

The thing is when they wrote they were also writing the dance routine, constructing the video, all at the same time as writing the song. And that's when the penny dropped. They say that the mother of invention is copying somebody and getting it wrong. Their sound was actually not getting R&B quite right.

Who Do You Think You Are and three other tracks written by the group and Absolute appeared on the Spice album. The songs were produced and recorded for the most part at Olympic Studios in Barnes, London. At this time, the Autotune facility was not available and most of the vocals were recorded with few adjustments made afterwards, as Wilson remembers:

"Because of the fact we were not using computers, we had to work them very hard. They were in that recording booth for hours because we just had to get the right take".

The Girls also choreographed a dance routine to the song as they progressed with the writing process of Who Do You Think You Are.

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